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A comprehensive travel blog with over 650 posts and thousands of daily visitors.

The Brief

With over 70k followers on Instagram, Mollie is content creator and travel writer and works with some of the world’s largest global brands including Expedia, Visit England, Coors Light, Microsoft, Fossil, Herbal Essences, Ultimate Ears and Coca Cola. Her current

We designed and built Mollie’s new blog, integrating Google maps functionality to display her recent trips.

What Mollie Said

“We Are Flamingo’s attention to detail and time management was second to none. They completely took on board all of my ideas and visions and bought them to life in a complex new blog design. After having many bad experiences in the past with web designers and their efficiency, We Are Flamingo have officially restored my faith in the good ones. Excited to be designing another website with them already! Thanks!” – Mollie Bylett

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